Goodbye 2019

The time is showing 11:02 pm. Let's do a review of 2019. How's your 2019? My 2019 is incredible amazing! So much fun and craziness in this year. Looking back to the beginning of the year, I worked to save money after finishing my Form 6 in December 2018. (tbh, i still feel like i [...]

Road to veterinary course (DVM)

Good news!!! I was on cloud nine when I read " Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, UPM" appeared on my screen. The course that I had wanted for so long!!! Tbh, I really got less confidence that I could get this course after having my interview BUT hoorayyyyy I got it!!! maybe because I shared about [...]

Finding the right job

There is no right job but only gaining experience to find the right path in your life. After my form 6 's life and graduation ends, first thing i plan is earning money. For me, once I have my money, I can go for trips, enroll myself in some weekly classes( swimming, yoga, flower arrangement [...]

Photowalk at Kuala Lumpur

Photowalk First attempt Scrolling down my insta, discover "squarepad" who went for photowalk. I am inspired by his idea and i have craved for doing the same thing so long. Finally, i got the chance. The idea of photowalk means a group of camera enthusiasts gather and walk around to take photographs. But at the [...]

Cafe hunting

A thriving cafe industry is a trend nowadays. The sight of cafes emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain has become a prevalent circumstance. It makes us to be in a dilemma to opt for our ideal cafe as there are too many choices and some satisfactory cafes have been overshadowed. However after searching,I [...]